Coronavirus is completely changing our world, including how we all now learn. What we once learnt in person is now learnt online. Which creates the content provider’s conundrum:

How do I put my learning online yet avoid ‘content dumping’ on all my learners?

How instead can I make my technology ‘buzz’ with learning?

Peter has considerable knowledge and skills in doing this and has some time to use these over the summer. His experience in many sectors (college, faith, govt & charity…) and in many technologies (Zoom, Moodle, Google Suite & SCORM…) comes over many years. You can get a flavour of his approach in some of his recent blog posts.

His expertise is in adult and digital education, advising instructors at Masters level and completing a Masters degree himself in Digital Education.

But he can provide consultancy or do development at any level of learning.

Do have a look at what I do or get in touch to talk further.

Ready to implement online solutions
Ready to implement online solutions

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