Peter translates your passion to promote learning into transformative learning experiences, ensuring that what is significant to you becomes equally impactful and relevant to the learners you engage with.

Below are ways he has done this in a range of situations.

You can see a portfolio of his learning designs here.

Case Studies

Peter spearheaded the development of cutting-edge Financial Management training tailored for senior managers. Working closely with the Finance Director, he restructured and shaped the course content, infusing it with interactive learning tasks to enhance participant engagement. This not only resulted in a comprehensive and relevant training program but also enabled delegation of teaching responsibilities beyond the Finance Director herself, fostering a sustainable and scalable approach to knowledge dissemination within WaterAid.
Peter developed an innovative online learning program to equip participants coming to Southall with the confidence and skills necessary to initiate meaningful interactions with the diverse faiths and cultures there. He used a structured scaffolding approach, letting participants gradually immerse themselves in the cultural and religious landscape they would soon encounter. This not only gave them meaningful engagement when they came to Southall but also invaluable skills for future interactions in faiths and culturally diverse settings.
Peter led the design and implementation of a blended learning initiative at Harrow Council to cultivate agile practices within teams. Interactive online learning let teams collaboratively engage with content before scheduled meetings which facilitated assessment of learning and provided a platform for raising team questions and concerns in real-time. Teams then held dedicated sessions to apply newfound learning collectively, fostering an environment for brainstorming to propose agile work methodologies. This hands-on approach not only reinforced learning but also enabled program evaluation since outcomes, in the form of practical ideas were observable. This ensured that an agile approach became embedded into team culture.

Peter also trains others to train and to design their training using adult learning principles, see here.