Resources to download or view

This page gives a variety of PDF and video resources for you to download or view:

Podcast Interview on Negotiating 'Troublesome Knowledge' Online (30 mins)

Topic: Peter describes his experience facilitating diversity training on faiths and cultures in Southall, London. When facilitating change, Peter says “the outcome is not guaranteed", but combining a blended approach with powerful questions enabled him to create a liminal space, acting as a safe holding environment for transformative learning to happen.

Shift the Power Podcast

Peter's Masters in Digital Education Dissertation (Edinburgh University)

Topic: How eLearning can create a liminal space to address 'troublesome knowledge' that learners encounter in face-to-face contexts. It considers the effect of digital environments in areas of identity, practice and community. Case Study: the Faiths Awareness training programme at Kings Centre Southall in London, an area known as 'Little India' due its cultural diversity.

Talk at Aylesbury Vineyard Church: What is Multicultural Church?(35 mins)

Peter invites us to think more deeply about what it means to ‘love one another’ in a multi-cultural Church where we welcome and honour different cultures within God's people. He challenges us to think about the difference between what’s ‘theological’ and what’s ‘cultural’ in our assumptions about our faith practices.

Peter's Masters in Theology Dissertation (Queens University Belfast):

Topic: How different Christian cultural traditions can work together and yet still be true to the core Christian message. Case Study: the apostle Paul came from a Jewish tradition to take the Gospel of Christ to non-Jewish traditions. Churches today want to model on the New Testament church but this model did not exist in Paul's day. So what model did he use to plant churches? What did he consider essential and what was non-essential when taking the Gospel from one cultural tradition to another? Considering his final writings, how did it work?

Window on Wycliffe Promotional Video (7 mins)

Peter talks about leading the Window on Wycliffe course for enquirers wanting to explore joining the work of Wycliffe as volunteers: