This one-day of training is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to interact well with faith practitioners among colleagues or clients at work or with faith communities around them. Training can occur at a venue of your choice or in conjunction with the Kings Centre in Southall, where excellent relationships with local faith leaders enables short tours to Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh places of worship. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Faith can play a key role in the lives of both our colleagues and clients and yet society tends to avoid talking about it, leading to lesser understanding of what can be a core part of their identity. The training builds confidence and skills to have civil conversations with practitioners about their faith (whether or not participants have a faith themselves) and raises awareness of positive contributions of faith to working practice.

The training strength comes from its customisation for your own organisational needs, hearing faith stories in fields such as:

  • finance (purpose of work, views on money and its role in society)
  • health (views on wellbeing and the role of the body)
  • environment (views on creation and its stewardship)​
Examples of needs for the training include for churches building bridges with local faith communities and for participants to better interact with those of different faiths within their working lives.

Participants become more appreciative of the positive (and often unheard) role of faith communities within wider society, and will develop skills to interact well with them, with opportunities to apply learning on the day through engagement with practitioners.
Participants receive digital training beforehand followed by training on the day to culturally prepare them to visit nearby faith centres to meet practitioners, observe and hear of their customs and to ask questions to understand associated underlying values and beliefs.

​Debriefing on implications for future working practice then occurs afterwards, prior to departure.
Within a full day of training, it is possible to visit up to three faith centres. In Southall, these can be chosen from Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh places of worship.

If your interest is in a different faith, then please ask us about it since other faith connections also exist.
This may occur if your clients are from one faith-influenced country or if a church wants to relate to those of one faith nearby. Training can be tailored to learn about just that faith within a half-day.

Additionally, Cultural Awareness Training can be added within the day to highlight cultural aspects associated with that faith group.
Faiths Awareness Training can also be combined with Cultural Awareness Training. While the former provides learning on how to interact well with different faiths, the latter adds learning on understanding faith groups from a cultural perspective.

This could be as an opportunity to build relations with a local faith group and to approach them about hosting a visit as part of this training. Please contact us for help on how to do this.
Training can be at a venue of your choice if openings exist to work with faith groups nearby.

Otherwise training can occur in conjunction with the Kings Centre in Southall, facilitated by excellent relationships with local faith leaders.
Training lasts for one day, including visits to up to three faith centres nearby and a cultural meal. Digital training of 30-60 mins is provided beforehand to prepare participants for coming.​

If only one faith is in focus, then training can be completed within a half-day or can be combined with Cultural Awareness Training to create one-day of learning about cultural aspects of a particular faith group.
Pricing varies depending on differing options and expenses, so please ​contact us to discuss your training needs and consequent costs in detail.

If pricing is a problem for you, other alternatives can also be considered. We passionately believe in the importance of this learning and we want as many people as possible to benefit. Pricing is set though to make future training sustainable, considering wider costs such as content development and publicity.
This is typically limited by the size of the faith centres.

For trips to the Kings Centre in Southall, the optimum number is up to 15.
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