Peter Tate designing and enhancing training
Leading teams through learning delivery

Peter oversees teams that deliver learning, with special skills in leading volunteer and cross-cultural teams. He recruits, onboards and retains staff, fostering a collaborative and motivating work environment which is key for achieving learning goals.

Below are cases from his work experience.

Case Studies

1. Wycliffe UK: Recruiting, Training, Retaining Volunteers

Peter took charge of recruiting and training teams of volunteers to run Wycliffe courses, orchestrating and integrating the people involved to do a diversity of roles, ranging from specialised content delivery to hands-on practical tasks. This required him to actively cultivate a shared ethos, to foster a sense of togetherness and commitment to the team. This ensured not only successful delivery of courses but also created a positive and collaborative atmosphere where volunteers were motivated to contribute their service and to do so repeatedly, attesting to the enduring impact of their involvement.

2. Kings Centre Southall: Leading Multicultural & Multifaith Teams

Peter served as learning manager responsible for leading a diverse team of multifaith and multicultural volunteers to deliver a learning program. The purpose of the program was to provide training to foster Cultural Intelligence for participants to confidently interact with faith communities in their future work. His role necessitated not only the ability to interact culturally appropriately with the volunteers but also to sensitively shape how they carried out their roles, while also maintaining their involvement. By successfully navigating the complexities of cultural diversity, he ensured that the team played a crucial part in promoting understanding and building skills for participants to interact meaningfully with faith communities in future.