Peter provides training consultancy on how to design effective learning, applying adult education principles to the topic you wish to teach
Training Clients how to Train

Peter provides consultancy to clients on how they can implement adult education principles both in the design and delivery of training for whatever topic they wish to teach.

Below are examples of some of the services that Peter can provide.

Training Others to Train (Wycliffe UK)

Peter led the training of those about to train others within Wycliffe UK, enabling them to apply adult learning principles to their course content. He also developed skills to help them prepare any of their future content using these principles too.

Consultancy on Training

Peter has provided consultancy to experts in their field in various organisations on how to provide training on their particular topic. He has applied these principles to many subjects, from autism awareness through to life on a submarine and Biblical Hebrew.

Introducing Adult Learning Principles (New Testament Church of God)

Peter introduced adult learning principles to people in teaching roles within the New Testament Church of God, based at their Training Centre in Northampton. Participants included youth workers, home group leaders and key speakers.