Peter Tate designing and enhancing training
Peter helps clients to design training

Taking Content from Various Sources:

Peter designs and delivers new training from various sources to enable what is important to you to become important to your learners too.

Below are some of the ways in which he has done this across a wide range of topics. His expertise is in applying adult education principles to these topics in order to achieve effective training results.

Working with Knowledge Expert (WaterAid)

Peter worked with the WaterAid Finance Director to create a new Financial Management course for their senior management teams, structuring and re-shaping the content to create engagement through interactive learning tasks while also keeping to the objectives of what teams needed to know in order to fulfil their roles.

Researching New Training (Wycliffe UK)

Peter researched and designed a course on software skills for language learning for Wycliffe UK, making technical software accessible to non-technical people, including interactive learning tasks to demonstrate mastery of skills. Peter led this course for 9 years within a Masters study programme.

Creating Training from Subject Content  (Hope Consultants)

Peter created training for Hope Consultants, taking content from a video series of talks on the topic of building prayer into everyday life, developing a structure and session plans for the course and encapsulating key learning points through implementing a series of learning tasks within the training.