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Designing / Enhancing Training

A, WaterAid:

Peter is an excellent training consultant. He is meticulous with attention to detail. His expertise on adult learning helped me to develop a great financial training programme for senior managers in International Charities, ensuring it is structured in an easy to follow format with clear outcomes. Despite not being a finance expert he was able to quickly grasp the concept and provided valuable suggestions. I will hopefully be working with Peter in the future to develop the digital version. He also has great inter-personal skills with a lot of patience given the number of times I had to make changes to my content.

N, Hope Consultants:
Peter is detailed-oriented and produced great results. He was very good with coming up with learning tasks and activities that meet adult learning principles. He is a great team player and always listens to others’ ideas.

I, Wycliffe UK:
Having worked with Peter for many years, I have been impressed by his ability as a trainer and as a designer of training programmes. The course he designed and taught enabling students to master the complexities of the FieldWorks software programme was an outstanding success. His deep commitment to making sure that course participants have a rich and enjoyable learning experience which will serve them well for the future is reflected by the warm appreciation which he has received from so many people. Peter has been a very valued colleague.

Digital Training Design

C, Hope Consultants:
As Training and Coaching facilitator, I was looking for a way to take face to face concepts and make them readily available to learners across the globe. Peter took the concepts and helped design them into a digital format that has great interaction and adult learning activities. The format is sound and reached all of my objectives but it exceeded my hopes. I highly recommend him.

P, Hope Consultants:
Peter has the ability to take face-to-face training and change it into an effective digital learning experience. Specifically I’ve seen Peter’s ability to take an existing training course and envision a new digital course design and then bring creative input to communicate the old content into new learning tasks and activities. Peter’s strong work ethic combined with his commitment to quality work has made him a valued colleague in our department.

I, Hope Consultants:
Peter has greatly enriched our already very good team of trainers. With his background in e-learning he has taken our digital equipping forward for the entire organisation. We continue to refer to him as our ‘guru’ in creating meaningful learning tasks.

Training Others to Train

P, Wycliffe UK:
Peter was very competent at training the students, using this method. I attended one of his courses, and I’ve been using the methods that I learnt ever since, particularly in the rather dry subject of Data Protection training.

R, Wycliffe UK:
Peter epitomises the principles of effective adult learning, modelling them superbly and encouraging his course participants to do the same. Peter’s courses are meticulously organised; he is thorough, and detail-oriented in workshop preparation and execution. This frees Peter to generously demonstrate care and support for both learners and co-workers. He facilitates safe, participatory learning environments that involve collaboration and reflection. I enjoyed and felt empowered by the workshops Peter conducted.

Providing Training

P, Hope Consultants:
Peter modelled what great adult training was supposed to be. In my opinion, Peter is one of the best trainers of adults that I have experienced. I would recommend him without reservation.

L, Masters Level Linguistics Student:
Peter was my instructor for some classes of the MA program I attended in England. Peter teaches effectively and patiently and is generous with his time for assisting students in their studies and assisting in their cultural understanding.

D, Bachelors Level Theology Student:
I remember Peter delivering a tutorial where he took a difficult subject and made it not only accessible but memorable. He is by nature an educational innovator and finely tuned to the holistic needs of both individual and group.