Peter provides classroom and digital training tailored for businesses, charities, churches, colleges and public sector organisations wishing to learn how to thrive in intercultural and interfaith engagement contexts.

Courses offered include: 

Cultural Awareness Training helps peoples of cultural diversity to increase understanding of each other for mutual benefit. It has been used to train staff of public sector and business organisations, multicultural churches and people relocating to new cultural contexts to learn how to adapt to situations of cultural diversity.

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Faiths Awareness Training enables those of any faith or none to develop skills to interact meaningfully with peoples of faith. It has been used to train churches connecting with local faith communities, colleges and church connected groups preparing for overseas service and businesses wanting to operate within and better understand faith communities.

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Digital Training is provided with these options but Peter can also design and deliver digital training to prepare people positively when encountering different faiths and cultures, leading to more favourable learning outcomes.

Read Peter’s Masters Dissertation on this topic here.