Peter converts classroom courses into digital training or extends their effectiveness by blending them with digital
Designing Digital Training from Classroom Content

Peter’s experience includes Articulate Storyline, Moodle LMS and Google Suite for Education / Nonprofits.

His big strength is his expertise in BOTH digital and adult learning, with a Masters with merit on these from Edinburgh University, and acting for many years as “trainer of trainers” at Wycliffe UK and abroad.

He has worked with Subject Matter Experts both to create new online courses and to convert existing courses into digital format.

Skills & Experience

  • works with stakeholders to shape learning objectives to implement within the training

  • works with end users to construct scenarios connected to their daily situations

Adeola Akintoye (Head of International Finance, WaterAid): 
"Peter is an excellent training consultant. He is meticulous with attention to detail. His expertise in adult learning helped me to develop a great financial training programme for senior managers in International Charities, ensuring it is structured in an easy to follow format with clear outcomes. Despite not being a finance expert he was able to quickly grasp the concept and provided valuable suggestions."
  • applies adult learning principles to gain the benefits of digital environments (main purpose of Masters)

  • adapts core content to motivate and meet needs of specific learner groups

Suzette Pearce (L&D Manager, Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea): 
"Peter designed a very engaging Cultural Awareness training course for Kensington and Chelsea Council. It was the first time we had commissioned this type of training and it was an exciting new development for staff as we try and change the way we work with the community."
  • creates courses for clients using Articulate Storyline, Google Suite and Moodle LMS

  • uses collaborative software (Google Slides / MS Office) to create storyboards for course development

Cookie Liverman (Training Manager & Equipping Consultant, Hope Consultants): 
"As movement Training and Coaching facilitator, I was looking for a way to take face to face concepts and make them readily available to learners across the globe. Peter took the concepts and helped design them into a digital format that has great interaction and adult learning activities. The format is sound and reached all of my objectives but it exceeded my hopes. I highly recommend him."
  • evaluates client feedback as part of process of training enhancement

  • interprets online analytics to address blockages within flow of learning

Emanuel Prinz (Chair of Leadership Development Group, Hope Consultants): 
"Peter has greatly enriched our already very good team of trainers. With his background in e-learning he has taken our digital equipping forward for the entire organisation. We continue to refer to him as our "guru" in creating meaningful learning tasks."

Examples of Work